Nieuws uit Ierland, februari 2018

Following on from the SRV event in Bray which was run by Vita House in association with SRV Ireland a number of people expressed an interest in:
(A) Attending a PASSING Event or having a PASSING evaluation done for their service.
PASSING is an instrument for evaluating the quality of any human service according to how well it supports people to receive the good things of life and be valued in society. It serves as a powerful tool for learning and using SRV and so will be of interest to those wishing to enrich their understanding of this theory of practice.
We are currently planning to hold a PASSING event in Ireland in 2019.
In order to undertake a PASSING workshop one must have attended a 4 day SRV 10 Workshop. The first SRV 10 workshop held in Ireland was in May 2016 in Gort, Co Galway and was attended by 75 people.
We are once again holding a similar event, see below.
(B) Learning more about SRV.
SRV (Social Role Valorization ) 10 based on the 10 themes of SRV
This 4 day workshop will be held in The Lady Gregory Hotel in Gort, Co Galway from the 9th April to the 12th April this year. The course will be presented by Ms Jo Massarelli and Mr Donald Easson from North America who are two of the most inspiring presenters I have heard. In addition they have vast practical experience in using  SRV theory to bring about positive change in the lives of people who have disability, mental health challenges, those who are medically fragile and homeless and other vulnerable people in society.
This is an opportunity for participants to deepen their knowledge of SRV and is an intense 4 day learning exercise. Jo and Donald have not been to Ireland before so this is a unique opportunity for participants.
Participants will receive a certificate which qualifies them to undertake a PASSING evaluation Workshop.
Reduced rates have arranged with The Lady Gregory Hotel for accommodation and it will be possible to provide host family accommodation for family members if desired. Please contact me if you wish to avail of this.  This link will bring you to the registration page:
(C)  There were many who attended the seminar in Bray who had not been exposed to SRV heretofore and requested that we host a general information workshop on how SRV is relevant in today’s society and how it can support positive change to occur in the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals.
We are holding a one day event ‘What Vulnerable people are up against and how SRV can address this’ on Monday 16th April 2018 in The Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise.
Early booking is advisable as the event in Bray was booked out one month in advance. You can register by clicking this link: