“A long-held rationale of those of us who teach SRV Theory is that the material helps students to see the world from the perspectives of those who receive services and supports, rather than the service provider.  Time and again, we hear students describe this as the single most important aspect of taking an SRV Theory course. They … now have new, or different, eyes with which to see … When they changed their perceptions of another person, they then changed their expectations of this person, along with their ideas of what the person actually needs and how to effectively address these needs”  (from the foreword by Zana Marie Lutfiyya PhD and Thomas Neuville, PhD).

About the book

This book explains the human service approach of Social Role Valorization or SRV.

“…in order for people to be treated well by others, it is very important that they be seen as occupying valued roles, because otherwise, things are apt to go ill with them. Further, the greater the number of valued roles a person, group or class occupies, or the more valued the roles that such a party occupies, the more likely it is that the party will be accorded those good things of life that others are in a position to accord, or to withhold.

Accordingly, the most recent formal definition of SRV is “the application of what science has to tell us about the defense or upgrading of the socially-perceived value of people’s roles.” Another way to put it is that SRV is a systematic effort to extract empirical knowledge that can be applied in service of the valuation of people’s roles, so that they are more likely to have access to the good life, or the good things of life.” (p.  81).

This version has been expanded from the third (1998) edition of 139 pages to 275 pages.

About Wolf Wolfensberger (1934-2011)

World renowned human service reformer, Professor Wolfensberger (Syracuse University) was involved in the development and dissemination of the principle of normalization, and originated the program evaluation tools PASS and PASSING, and a number of service approaches that include SRV and Citizen Advocacy.

Author: Wolf Wolfensberger PhD, 1934-2011
Publisher: Valor Press (Plantagenet ON – Canada)
Language: English
Copyright ©: 2013, Valor Press
Softcover: 275 pages

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